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Kappiya Job Description

Birmingham Buddhist Vihara Trust

Job Description 

Title: Kappiya – Steward at the Theravadin Buddhist Monastery near the centre of Birmingham

Job Summary: The post of kappiya is a voluntary position for somebody who attends to the needs of the monastery and the resident monks. This is a residential post.

Situation: The monastery (vihara) is one of 3 buildings on site, the others being a pagoda built in Burmese style and a teaching hall which also includes a library used by the head monk and a kitchen and dining hall for large functions. The head monk / Spiritual Director is Burmese. At present there are 2 Burmese and 1 Bangladeshi monk in residence (total 3)

Job Role: Responsible to the trustees, but reports to the head monk for day to day duties

• Prepares and cooks daily meals for the monks
• Attends to the monk’s needs (including visiting monks)
• Shops for the day to day needs of the monastery
• Keeps the monastery, pagoda and teaching hall clean and tidy
• Generally keeps the grounds tidy
• Answers the telephone
• Attends to visiting trades people
• Conducts health and safety checks according to the protocol

• Understands and respects the monks living rules (vinaya)
• Keeps to the 5 precepts while staying at the monastery
• Speaks Burmese and sufficient English
• Able to cook SE Asian food
• Is male as the vihara is for monks
• Able to accept all who come to the vihara irrespective of race, ethnicity, faith or sex
• Is able to be resident at the vihara
• Is a non-smoker and non-vaper
This post is subject to a 3 month trial period and is available for a maximum of 2 years with board and lodging provided.

29-31 Osler Street,
B16 9EU
Phone: 0121 454 6591

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