Birmingham Buddhist Academy

On 25th November 2010 Dr. Ottara Nyana, during his visit to Myanmar, submitted an application to the State Sangha Committee in Yangon for the  establishment of a Buddhist Academy at the Birmingham Buddhist Vihara, UK and approved by the Committee on 28th December 2010.

The Committee unanimously agreed to establish, as a branch of International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University (ITBMU), namely the “ Birmingham Buddhist Academy” at Birmingham Buddhist Vihara, UK.

It is the golden dream of Dr Rewata Dhamma who is the founder of the Birmingham  Buddhist Vihara, UK.

Establishing BBA will be a great achievement for the UK as well as Europe in learning the dhamma of Buddha not only theory but also practical “intensive retreat” by  those who are seeking peace in mind and mindfulness.

It is intended that BBA will deliver accredited courses leading to a Diploma and or MA in Buddhism.

Short Courses  such as “Awareness of Buddha Dhamma”, “Awareness of Satti Pattarna”, “the leading of short and long term meditation retreats both theory and practice”, and “hospital chaplaincy training” etc. will be offered in the academy.


29-31 Osler Street,
B16 9EU
Phone: 0121 454 6591

Registered Charity No. 513368
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