Sayadaw Dr. Rewata Dhamma was Founder and Spiritual Director of Birmingham Buddhist Vihara and Dhammatalaka Peace Pagoda. He passed away peacefully in the early morning of Wednesday, on 26th, May 2004. Without him, Birmingham Buddhist Vihara and the Dhammatalaka Peace Pagoda could not have been established. Though he is not with us physically, the principle, guidance and institute that he has originated for the propagation of Dhamma will never disappear. He’s always spiritually and mentally represented us.

Dr Rewata Dhamma in 1975 was invited to England where he established a Buddhist monastery in Birmingham as his base. From there he journeyed to lead retreats and teach Buddhism at various centres in Europe, North, Central and South America. In 1998 he accomplished the building of Dhamma Talaka Peace Pagoda, after years of planning, as a suitable resting place for the royal relics.

In 2002 the Myanmar Government granted him the high title of Aggamahapandita. For many years, he has been a Vice President of the World Buddhist Sangha Council, as well as founder member of International Engaged Buddhists.

It was the plan of Dr Rewata Dhamma and I quote “to make the Birmingham Buddhist Vihara and Dhammatalaka Peace Pagoda a launch pad for Buddhism in Europe”.

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