10-DAY INSIGHT RETREAT (Experienced)

Friday 20th Aug – Sunday 29th Aug 2021

Led by Dr Ottara Nyana

Designed to enable meditators to experience the
characteristic of impermanence and nature of
non-selfhood as part of the process of insight


We have an increasing range of books available both for study on the premises and to be taken out on loan.

Until recently these were not formally catalogued but we are currently in the process of setting up a database to simplify research by subject.

A complete set of Theravada Buddhist texts in English is also available. These are not to be taken out of the library but you are welcome to come in and study them at the Vihara.

Also available on loan are a number of scholastic and meditation books suitable to both practitioners and students.

We would welcome the donation of books in good condition on subjects such as all schools of Buddhism, other world religions, philosophy, psychology and health.


From 1pm – 3pm

Every Sunday except when it falls on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Suitable for 5 + years, but all welcome with or without children.


The number of school visits to the Pagoda is rising year on year and continues to provide students with invaluable experience to hear about the Buddha and his teachings and to meet Buddhist monks.

For a school visit please contact:
Contact : Dr Nagasana
Email : uk.suriya@gmail.com


5th Aug 2020 to 8th Aug 2021

Please bring your children to the Vihara to stay here and learn about Buddhism. This five day course will include a Buddhist film as well as enjoyable teachings. Accommodation will be available in our Vihara and we look forward to our children’s course. If you want to train your children with novice ordination, you are welcome to book with us during these children days.

For details please contact Dr Nagasana: uk.suriya@gmail.com


Chanting in the Pagoda at 7:30pm except on festival days.


29th Dec2021


27th Jan,

26th Feb,

27th March,

26th April,

25th May,

24th June,

23rd July,

22nd Aug,

20th Sep,

20th Oct,

18th Nov,

18th Dec

Diploma in Buddhist Studies (2020-21)

Birmingham Buddhist Academy



This course is designed to provide the student with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Theravada Buddhism.


Application Form & Educational Requirements

See details at http://www.birminghambuddhistvihara.org under Birmingham Buddhist Academy section


Application Submission date and contact

10th September 2020

Please send completed application and documents required to venuttaranyana@gmail.com  & Theingi.Thant@nhs.net


Entrance examination

Friday 11th September 2020 UK time 7pm – 9pm

Online exam.  Completed exam paper must be sent back to venuttaranyana@gmail.com

Please complete your full name when sending back the answer sheet.



Friday 4th September 2020


Confirmation of the acceptance to the course

Monday 14th September 2020


Duration of the course?

One year (full time)


Course Start Date and Time

Friday 18th September UK time 7pm to 9pm


Course running time

Every week (Friday & Saturday from 7pm to 9pm)


Course method

Online and occasional face to face attendance at Birmingham Buddhist Academy at 29-31 Osler Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, B16 9EU

Tel: 0121- 4546591


Diploma Course Modules

Abhidhamma, Meditation, Pali Grammar, Basic Buddhism




£500 for four modules (full Diploma Course) as donation payable to Birmingham Buddhist Vihara by cheque. (Please write Birmingham Buddhist Academy at the back of the cheque).  For online bank transfer, please ask Dr Ottaranyana for details.


Note: Students may also take individual modules for the fees of £150 per module.


All course fees must be paid within one month from course start date.  Thank you.